Gunsmith Services

The Gun Pro Shop gunsmiths can repair, modify and build a gun for you.  We have a fully equipped machine shop with three lathes, a milling machine and a TIG welder. Also our gunsmiths have expertise with a range of military weapons.

We specialize in firearms accuracy and performance and offer reloading and accurizing services to get the most out of your firearms. Services include:

- Firearm Repairs

- Cleaning

- Custom Firearms

     - Bolt action

     - AR platform

- Custom stock work

- DuraCoat (custom color)

- Hydracoating/dipping (many pattern choices)

- Rebluing and parkerizing

- Rebarrelling

Scope & Sight Mounting

- Accurizing

- Boresighting

- Custom Reloading

- Load Development

- Refinishing

- Trigger Jobs

- Caliber conversion